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COVID-19 Guidance Hero Image

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is creating a challenging business climate in San Jose and across the country. We are providing this page to serve as a centralized resource for employers, employees, small businesses and non-profits to discover critical resource information. To suggest an addition, email

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Forager Coffee in San Jose

Loans, Grants, Funding
Workforce Issues
Free Business Services
Utilities, Rent, etc.
Social Distancing Protocols


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San Jose McEnery Convention Center

What businesses are allowed to open?
Specific “additional businesses” allowed to open
Additional resources with details on the Santa Clara County Health Order
San Jose Initiatives
Reopening Help – Videos
Local Reopening Supplies and Support


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Videos for San Jose's Small Businesses

The City of San Jose has been producing short videos and public service announcements to carry messages about help for small businesses during the shelter-in-place period, and through the re-opening process. All our videos are available on YouTube.

Reopening - How to find funding and apply for loans


The City of San Jose brought together representatives of Working Solutions and Opportunity Fund, for suggestions to help small businesses find lenders and apply for loans to help them recover from the impacts of COVID-19.



 V2 VietThành phố San Jose tổ chức buổi phỏng vấn với những nhà cho vay vốn doanh nghiệp nhằm cung cấp thông tin quan trọng dành cho doanh nghiệp bị ảnh hưởng bởi COVID-19.




V2 SpLa ciudad de San José organiza entrevistas con prestamistas para ayudar a las pequeñas empresas afectadas por COVID-19.





Re-opening - What Small Businesses Need to Know


City of San Jose sat down with Bianca Blomquist of Small Business Majority for a Q&A session to help small businesses get ready to re-open as the County moves to loosen the Shelter-in-Place order. Learn about tools, resources and where to get hands-on help!


video1spTiene preguntas sobre la reapertura de su negocio? Mire este video rápido para obtener respuestas! 



video 1 VietQuý vị có thắc mắc về việc mở cửa kinh doanh trở lại? Vui lòng xem đoạn video sau để tìm hiểu thêm  




Short Video Messages on Reopening:

link to business reopening message Spanish





link to business reopening message Vietnamese



Message from Vice Mayor Chappie Jones

link to Chappie Jones video message






 San Jose Small Business Webinar Recordings

To help businesses deal with the multiple issues arising from need to restrict the spread of COVID-19 and the resulting Shelter-in-Place orders, the City of San Jose's Office of Economic Development, as part of the Emergency Operations Center, has been producing on-line webinars. The subject matter has varied, but we continue to look for ways of bringing useful, actionable information and coaching to the small businesses that are such a critical part of the City's economy.


New Main St. Lending  Program – Presentation by Ernst & Young, June 18, 2020

The new Main Street Lending Program for the US Federal Reserve will provide credit from Fed-approved lenders to businesses that were in sound financial condition before the COVID-19 pandemic.  This webinar provides details on the loans which will be attractive to medium- and large-sized businesses, as well as guidance on submitting applications.  

The Fed advises that businesses should consult their financial advisors now if they are considering applying to the Main Street Lending Program. The launch date for the CARES Act-funded program will be published soon. For more information about the Main St. Lending Program  visit the websiteYouTube video.

Re-opening Your Business - a toolkit in a webinar -

toolkitwebinar6-10On June 10, the City of San Jose and Start Small Think Big held a webinar that presented a COVID‑19 HR Toolkit. The presentations will help businesses overcome obstacles and provide more information about workplace policies, exposure in the workplace, screening/testing and more. 00:00 Intro 03:05 Speakers Intro 04:30 Legal Consideration, presentation by Start Small Think Big 12:26 Employer-Employee Toolkit, presentation by Edward Langhammer, Cozen O'Cconner Law Firm 1:13:25 Q&A

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Reopening Guidance for Small Businesses - When businesses begin to re-open, it won’t be business as usual. This webinar, hosted by the City of San Jose in partnership with Small Business Majority, will guide you through the new factors you’ll need to consider to re-open your business safely and responsibly. YouTube video.





Vietnamese-Language Webinar - Small Business Administration’s small business support programs, PPP & EIDL: Vào ngày 21 tháng 5 năm 2020, thành phố San Jose tổ

nontradviet chức một diễn đàn qua Zoom webinar dành cho doanh nghiệp và người lao động. Chị Nga Nguyễn đến từ Small Business Development Center đã giúp cho các doanh nghiệp tại thành phố hiểu rõ hơn về những chương trình vay vốn kinh doanh của SBA, đặc biệt là chương trình Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) và Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). YouTube video

 Quý doanh nghiệp có thể gửi email cho thành phố tại

Để biết thêm thông tin về những dịch vụ của SBDC, vui lòng vào trang:

Để tìm hiểu về chương trình của SBA, vui lòng vào trang:


social webinarCustomer Engagement Strategies – A Conversation with Facebook and Nextdoor. On May 14, 2020, the City of San Jose hosted a small business assistance webinar as part of its Speaker Series initiative, with speakers from Facebook and Nextdoor, providing helpful tips on how to create successful social media marketing campaigns and connect with local customers in their neighborhoods. YouTube video.


sp nontradSpanish Language Webinar - Recursos Para Empresas Pequeñas durante la Pandemia de COVID-19: City of San Jose & Opportunity Fund. YouTube video.



nontradNontraditional Sources of Funding for Small Business: Featuring City of San Jose, in partnership with Opportunity Fund and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Bay Area. For information about business loans, please visit Opportunity Fund at and LISCYouTube video.




Legal and Financial Resources for Small Businesses: Featuring Start Small Think Big, Fenwick & West.  YouTube Video



Pivoting Your Business to Survive:  Featuring Academic Coffee, SCORE Silicon Valley, eBay. YouTube Video

Small Business Relief: Featuring Small Business Majority. YouTube.

Small Business Response: Featuring the Small Business Administration and the Small Business Development Center.  YouTube Video

Question of the Week

Question of the Week Header Image with Text

We answer your questions: here's an example from this week:

(note - we change the names and addresses to fictional ones!)

Sent: Monday, May 17 2020 5:32 PM
To: covid19sjbusiness <>
Subject: Regarding Landscaping


Can the landscaping work on residential properties resume starting Monday?

We have been holding back even though customers have been saying it's ok, so it would be good to know if we can start working again.

Please let us know.




May 18, 202010:25 am

 <> wrote:

Hi Dave:

Landscaping is considered an “outdoor business” and as such can resume operations – you don’t have to wait till Monday.

But landscapers have to be careful about social distancing. This isn’t usually a problem for them, but they need to be prepared.

* Can gardening and landscaping services continue?

Yes. Arborists, landscapers, gardeners, and similar service professionals can operate as outdoor businesses, as that term is defined in the Order, but they must strictly comply with social distancing requirements.

Here is the link to the full order with lots more information!



Nathan Donato-Weinstein
Business Liaison Officer/Emergency Operations
City of San Jose


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