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Why San Jose?


San Jose is a different kind of big city. We reside on the brink of change, deeply connected to our rich origins, yet alive in a space uniquely ours. This mindset fosters an urban center of innovation, learning, transit, creativity and art in Silicon Valley. Oh, and our weather is killer.

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We’re the birthplace of Silicon Valley

From yesterday’s agricultural roots to today’s tech giants, we continue to drive innovation, enterprise and growth.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA

We’re a natural home for those with the next great idea and a thirst for change.

Together we push ourselves to innovate

We have a thriving ecosystem of talent, infrastructure, research and creation.

heritage & diversity

Our greatness comes from our differences. Our mindset is eclectic and agnostic – a good idea is a good idea in any language, and they are all spoken here. Together, we are committed to being the most successful multicultural community in the world.

Small businesses grow into big ones

With a willingness to help each other succeed, our business ecosystem creates opportunities.

Steady talent pipeline

From pre-kindergarten through post-graduate, our students think critically, creatively and innovatively.

We act locally and think globally

57 percent of our residents are non-native-English speakers, enriching our unparalleled cultural and intellectual diversity.


More than 2,500 high-tech companies and 90,000 jobs are located here. We have easy access to the Bay Area and beyond, space to grow and a talent pool of one in five residents with degrees in science, engineering, technology and math. It’s no wonder San Jose is known as one of the world’s great innovation clusters to live and work.


Never finished

We are bold. Outspoken. Razor sharp and ablaze to make our mark. But we aren’t done yet. Not even close. We’re a city on the rise, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got.


Living and working in San Jose - Three People, One City

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