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Find your Way in San Jose

With new development, an emphasis on urban placemaking, activation of parks and plazas, investment in bicycle and transit infrastructure, an increase in conventions, and the recruitment of national and international sporting events, San José needs a wayfinding program that helps people navigate its urban core and encourages them to explore Downtown amenities.

 San José’s new wayfinding system focuses on pedestrian and non-auto travel and employs user- centric design. The wayfinding system will be accessible through multiple channels (digital, print, signs). It is designed to complement other efforts – for example, enhanced urban design, new transit infrastructure – that help people navigate the city.

 The wayfinding system will be modular and extendible – it will grow over time with diverse but integrated wayfinding products and funding. The City is working smarter by sharing implementation resources with partners such as MTC, the San Jose Downtown Association, Team San Jose, San Jose State University, VTA, and other Bay Area jurisdictions. This process is designed to achieve economies of scale and will be delivered in phases, as resources are available and opportunities arise.

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