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  • Do I need to register my small business with your office?

  • Can you tell me about office space in San José?

  • How can I find employees?

  • How can I schedule a meeting of foreign business / government delegations with City officials?

  • How do I become a certified Woman or Minority-Owned Business for federally funded projects?

  • How large is San Jose?

  • Where can I get a list of all the companies in San Jose?

  • Where can I get information about regulations that would relate to the business I am starting in San Jose?

  • Where do I pay the business tax?

  • Why should I choose San Jose as a location for my business?

  • How do I buy Real Estate from the City?

  • Can I operate my business out of my home?

  • Do I need a seller’s permit?

  • How do I find a job at the City?

  • How do I keep updated about what’s going on in San Jose?

  • What do I need to do to start a restaurant or Food Truck?

  • Who can I contact to start a small business in San Jose?