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Updated San Jose real estate development reports and map

Post Date:02/10/2020 11:43 AM

We are pleased to share additional sources of information about the developments planned and underway in San Jose, thanks to OED’s Development Facilitation Officer, Emily Lipoma. In addition to the regularly updated master list of all projects, we have broken out separate lists for housing projects (including mixed-use), office projects (including mixed-use) and Downtown projects. All reports can be downloaded by clicking on the links. And to provide a visual for all this activity, we offer an updated, interactive map.devmap

The most notable updates are the projects that were recently approved (Sharks Ice, Tribute Hotel, Garden Gate, and Danco Housing @ West San Carlos) and three of the key development projects have recently started construction: 200 Park, Platform 16 (formerly 440 Julian/Akatiff), and Building 7 at Coleman Highline. 

Planning is busy reviewing development permits for more than 9,000 residential units, and rezoning applications for an additional 5,000 residential units as well as more than 15 million square feet of office space citywide. Proposals have been approved for 6,400 residential units, 3.9 million square feet of office space, and 551 hotel rooms. Building is currently reviewing construction plans for 335,000 square feet of retail space and another 303,442 square feet of office space. 

In addition to development proposed by Google, 800 residential units are proposed for Downtown and Diridon and under review by Planning, as is 7.7 million square feet of office space. 3,600+ residential units have already been approved for the Diridon and Downtown areas as have 990,000 square feet of office space and 551 hotel rooms. Already under construction within Downtown and Diridon are 1,917 residential units and 86,000 square feet of retail space to accompany 3.2 million square feet of office space.

The Grad San Jose is on track to open to 1,000 residents within this year and with Silvery Towers and Miro well underway with construction, Downtown is anticipated to be home to more than 3,500 new residents over the next two years.  

 Citywide, construction is well underway for 8.7 million square feet of office space, 1.3 million square feet of retail space as well as 4,131 residential units and is wrapping up for office space at America Center, and 470 hotel rooms between the three hotels at Almaden Ranch at Cherry Ave, Hyatt House & Hyatt Place at North 1st Street.

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